A precise training plan

Your training schedule adjusts to how you train. It takes into

account the intensity and difficulty of your training


Non-stop support for all your questions 

We are always available to ensure that we respond

any your questions. Although they probably will not

lot, sure everybody loves..


A diet schedule 

We also enclose a diet schedule that you can adjust, so it suits you the best!

Food is one of the important elements affecting your training.

With us you can improve your eating habits!


Recommendations supplemental nutrition

We will advise you which supplements are in your stage 

of practice best. So you get an overview of the offered plant

market and maximize a training efforts.


Check us on your phone!

When you´re at the gym or fitness center all you need is wifi internet

connection on your phone and you can easily write down your achievements.

That´s what makes us a real online trainer.


Many satisfied customers 

We already have over 4700 registered users and the

number is increasing every day.

 It is a guarantee of quality and satisfaction


At an affordable price! 

Despite the fact we invested not a little amount

of money into this project, we still remained the

cheapest and most affordable on the market.


Global Presence

Mybodymanager operates in more than 40 countries.

Together has more than 80,000 satisfied clients.

This is more than a warranty !



Clear and precise graphs will show you your progress

you made in your training and workout with mybodymanager.


Maximum satisfaction 

At the end of the training cycle awaits the outcome 

of your work. Everything is about you. We'll only help 

with motivation and achieving your goals.


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